History of Baccarat

Baccarat in the 1960'sThe gambling online game of Baccarat was created from two European games which were chemin de fer and punto banco.

Although its history comes from Europe it the United States which love the game, to many of us in Europe the game of Baccarat is a relative unknown.

Baccarat comes from the Italian word baccara though it is spelt the French way, the words are to do with the points associated with the playing cards face values. The game originates all the back to 1490, where it was introduced to the french by the Italians. The game was an instant success with the noble gentlemen during the time of King Charles VIII. The crossed over to America during the 1960’s after the success of chemin de fer. At the time the online games were introduced they were illegal and were being played in the underground scene.

Chemin de fer is very familiar to Baccarat with the only notable difference was customers used to bet amongst themselves then against the casino. The house in this case would take a commission from the customer. The version of Chemin de fer was popular for a brief time in Las Vegas, but has now been replaced with Baccarat online strategy guide .